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A Passion for Jam

Peculiar Preserves is a small craft food company creating and crafting small batch jams, jellies, and preserves that highlight unique flavor profiles. We try to use local seasonal produce as much as possible while not compromising on flavor and quality.

We sell our jams and jellies in Sparkle Studio, based in historic Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment in Huntsville, Alabama. We are licensed through the Alabama Cottage Food Law. We can only sell to people we have a personal connection with, or face to face when you come into Sparkle Studio. Our goal is to grow enough to develop a commercial jam kitchen and be able to expand into online sales. (Goal Achieved !!) We are now fully certified by the Alabama Health Department and are operating out of our commercial jam kitchen located in Studio 1015 at Lowe Mill. We are now able to sell online and will still be selling in person at Sparkle Studio.

Our passion for food preservation and historical flavors lets us create jams and jellies that draw from the best parts of foods of the past, while creating new and exciting combinations of flavors. Many of our jams are savory and more suited to the charcuterie board than the peanut butter sandwich or the piping hot biscuit. However, we do not neglect the sweeter side of life and delve into boozy adult jams as well.