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A Passion for Jam

Hi! I am Dr. Evangeline Bays Clark, known as Nharah in the community of Huntsville.

let me take you through a typical day in our life

Our day begins with tending to the animals on our small farm, including goats named Mina, Star, and Moon, a Great Pyrenees dog named Dinnie, and free-range chickens. We also take care of our beehives and engage in various activities such as working in the jam kitchen or at Sparkle Studio, a fiber arts studio that I co-own, located at Lowe Mill.

Growing up in the Army, I had the opportunity to experience different countries. This upbringing, along with my family and a passion for reading and history, greatly influenced my life. I have turned my many hobbies, including fiber arts, culinary arts, and historical reenactment, into businesses.

Farm life is both challenging and rewarding. It requires constant observation and a deep bond with the animals to ensure their well-being. Planning ahead for the goats’ grazing, winterizing the hives, and providing enough food for everyone is a crucial part of farm life. Despite the hard work, the satisfaction of growing our own food and sharing it with others is unmatched.

The driving force behind our hard work is the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing tasks. Jam holds a special place in my heart because it is often overlooked in today’s society. In the past, jams were a vital way to preserve fruit throughout the year, providing essential nutrients and sweetness when fresh food was scarce. Today, jams add a touch of uniqueness and flavor to any meal.

What sets our jams apart is the commitment to using the freshest ingredients available. We prioritize sourcing local, seasonal produce and avoid artificial flavors or colors. Our ingredient lists are intentionally short, ensuring that only essential elements are included.

The name “Peculiar Preserves” was inspired by our desire to offer flavors that are not commonly found in grocery stores. We aim to create jams with odd, strange, and peculiar combinations that excite and intrigue the taste buds.

Our journey into the world of jams began during the pandemic when we received an abundance of jalapenos. This led us to explore making pepper jelly, and from there, Peculiar Preserves was born.

Each jam flavor is inspired by the fruit itself. We carefully craft flavor profiles by researching the fruit’s historical usage and exploring unique combinations. For instance, our seasonal Peach Melba Jam draws inspiration from the classic dessert of peaches, vanilla ice cream, and raspberry sauce. Our jam infuses peaches and raspberries with the richness of vanilla bean.

To use our jams, the possibilities are endless. They can be enjoyed on toast, paired with cheese or yogurt, used as a glaze for meat or vegetables, or incorporated into desserts. Personally, we love experimenting with different combinations and discovering new ways to enhance the flavors of our meals.

We invite you to explore our range of Peculiar Preserves and experience the exceptional taste and quality that sets us apart.