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We Got Bit by Pepper Jelly

We have always made jams and jellies. The problem has always been once you make 6-8 jars of a flavor, you get tired of that flavor after about the second jar. Then what do you do? Your friends and family will only accept so many jars of jam before they also refuse to eat any more.

This fall, a dear friend had an unexpected bumper crop of jalapenos due to a garden center plant ID tag mix up. They expected poblanos and got jalapenos. They don’t eat jalapenos. A full bushel of peppers was reverse porch pirated on us and an epic pepper jelly session began. Amidst the mace like pepper fumes, an idea began to gel (sorry about the pun). Why not make and sell jams and jellies in flavors that we like? The unusual flavors, the savory ones that taste so good on cheeses and meats, the old-fashioned flavors we read about in novels.

So here we are with a brand new business and an outlet for our passion. Welcome to Peculiar Preserves.

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